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Threads in Clojure

November 21, 2015

I was writing a post about Clojure state management, and I found out, there is one important topic I need to mention. Threads in Clojure. I came into contact with threads in Clojure, when I worked with quartzite library .
This time I found out, it's really interesting topic, and I hope, this post will help you understand threads, and you'll enjoy it .. more

Recursion in Clojure

November 5, 2015

When I started with Clojure, recursion was one of the hardest things to understand. After one year, I realized, I was still a little bit confused about recursive functions.
So I started to study and here is the result. New post about recursion in Clojure. There are two types of recursion. The first one is tail recursion (iterative process written in recursive way) and and the second way is real recursion (recursive process, which can be written .. more

Multimethods and protocols

October 16, 2015

This time I’m trying to understand protocols. To be honest, I’ve never heard about protocols till today, but I want this knowlege, so let’s start. :)
In Clojure, and in functional languages general, there are multiple ways to adapt functions to various types (in our case it will be animals). If we need to adapt function to various types, we usually use conditions.. more

Closures in Clojure

October 12, 2015

While solving 4clojure problems, I encountered simple closures. I had to find out more about closures, and I found it really interesting. So I decided to write some short post about my new knowledge.
The term Closure comes from fact that the code snippet (code block), has a free variables that can not be used or called by outside. They can be used only inside the function which the code block is defined . That means, they are Closed by the environment in which the block of code is defined...more

4Clojure solutions

October 02, 2015

List of my solutions for 4clojure problems is on website
List is not complete yet, because I am still working on it.
Especially I’m really curious about problems tagged as hard..more